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Kamaljit S. Singh, MD

  • Infectious Disease
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Internal Medicine
Board Certification:
  • Infectious Disease
  • Medical Microbiology
Faculty Rank: Associate Professor
Medical or Graduate Education: University of New South Wales Faculty of Medicine, Australia
Residency: University of Hawaii Medicine Residency Program - Internal Medicine
Fellowship: Rush University Medical Center - Infectious Disease
  Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Infectious Disease
Clinical Expertise:
  • Clinical microbiology
  • Tropical infections
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Below is a list of scientific publications for which this practitioner was either the primary author or a contributor. Citations come from PubMed, a database of biomedical literature, life science journals and online books. PubMed is a service of the US Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. Click on the title of the cited work for more information (this will take you directly to Listings go back five years.

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  2. Correction: A probe with aggregation induced emission characteristics for screening of iodide.
    Chopra R, Kaur P, Singh K
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  3. Poor positive predictive value of influenza-like illness criteria in adult transplant patients: a case for multiplex respiratory virus PCR testing.
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  6. Selective functionalization of methylene bridges of calix[6]arenes. Isolation and identification of stable conformers of methyl ether of p-tert-butylcalix[6]arene.
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    Singla P, Kaur P, Singh K
    2014 Dec
  16. A ferrocene-pyrene based 'turn-on' chemodosimeter for Cr(3+)- application in bioimaging.
    Kaur M, Kaur P, Dhuna V, Singh S, Singh K
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  17. Regioselective synthesis of 6-substituted-2-amino-5-bromo-4(3H)-pyrimidinones and evaluation of their antiviral activity.
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    Singh K, Singh K, Trappanese DM, Moreland RS
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    Singh K.
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    2009:636502. doi: 10.1155/2009/636502. Epub 2009 Jan 11.
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