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Michele M. Kannin, MD

  • Primary Care, Adult
  • Internal Medicine
Board Certification:
  • Internal Medicine (PCP)
Faculty Rank: Instructor
Medical or Graduate Education: Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Residency: Rush University Medical Center - Internal Medicine
Clinical Expertise:
  • Women's health
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Below is a list of scientific publications for which this practitioner was either the primary author or a contributor. Citations come from PubMed, a database of biomedical literature, life science journals and online books. PubMed is a service of the US Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. Click on the title of the cited work for more information (this will take you directly to Listings go back five years.

  1. [Closing forensic psychiatric hospitals in Italy: a new deal for mental health care?].
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  2. SPG5 and multiple sclerosis: clinical and genetic overlap?
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  3. Assessment of three-dimensional joint kinematics of the upper limb during simulated swimming using wearable inertial-magnetic measurement units.
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  4. Voluntary exercise improves estrous cyclicity in prenatally-androgenized female mice despite programming decreased voluntary exercise: Implications for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
    Homa LD, Burger LL, Cutitta AJ, Michele DE, Moenter SM
    2015 Sep 10
  5. Lack of relationship between the P413L chromogranin B variant and a SALS Italian cohort.
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  6. Age-Related Increase of EED Expression in Early Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells is Associated with Global Increase of the Histone Modification H3K27me3.
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  9. Limited Proteolysis Combined with Stable Isotope Labeling Reveals Conformational Changes in Protein (Pseudo)kinases upon Binding Small Molecules.
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  10. Dystrophin-glycoprotein complex regulates muscle nitric oxide production through mechanoregulation of AMPK signaling.
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    2015 Oct 19
  11. A new model to study neurodegeneration in ataxia oculomotor apraxia type 2.
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  13. Seasonal training-load quantification in elite English premier league soccer players.
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  14. Fragmentation and depolymerization of non-covalently bonded filaments.
    Zaccone A, Terentjev I, Di Michele L, Terentjev EM
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  15. Modelling the p53/p66Shc Aging Pathway in the Shortest Living Vertebrate Nothobranchius Furzeri.
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    2015 Mar
  16. Aortic dissection and stroke in a 37-year-old woman: discovering an emerging heritable connective tissue disorder.
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    2015 Mar
  17. Direct measurement of DNA-mediated adhesion between lipid bilayers.
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    2015 Jun 28
  18. Food and Drug Administration Response to the ATTUD/SRNT Policy Statement on the Labeling of Nicotine Replacement Therapies.
    Winchell C, Raffaelli RM, Roca R, Michele T
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    2015 Jun 25
  19. The Effect of Cerebellar Degeneration on Human Sensori-motor Plasticity.
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  20. Modelling the rheology of anisotropic particles adsorbed on a two-dimensional fluid interface.
    Luo AM, Sagis LM, Öttinger HC, De Michele C, Ilg P
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    2015 Jun 14
  21. Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Cephalometry Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scans.
    Michele C, Federica A, Roberto DG, Alessandro S
    J Craniofac Surg
    2015 Jun
    Bartolomei S, Michele RD, Merni F
    Percept Mot Skills
    2015 Jun
  23. Diastereo- and enantioseparation of a N(a)-Boc amino acid with a zwitterionic quinine-based stationary phase: focus on the stereorecognition mechanism.
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    Pyanzina ES, Kantorovich SS, De Michele C
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    2015 Jul
  25. Stem cells from human amniotic fluid exert immunoregulatory function via secreted indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase1.
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  26. Integrated environmental quality monitoring around an underground methane storage station.
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  27. A randomized controlled pilot trial of lithium in spinocerebellar ataxia type 2.
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    2015 Jan
  28. Optimization of solid state anaerobic digestion of the OFMSW by digestate recirculation: A new approach.
    Michele P, Giuliana D, Carlo M, Sergio S, Fabrizio A
    Waste Manag
    2015 Jan
  29. Proinflammatory effects of interferon gamma in mouse adenovirus 1 myocarditis.
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  31. Relationship between apathy and cognitive dysfunctions in de novo untreated Parkinson's disease: a prospective longitudinal study.
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  32. Efficacy of dopamine agonist treatment in delayed-onset parkinsonism due to midbrain hemorrhage.
    Peluso S, De Rosa A, Antenora A, Lieto M, Criscuolo C, Barbieri F, Pappatà S, De Michele G
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    2015 Feb
  33. ALDH18A1 gene mutations cause dominant spastic paraplegia SPG9: loss of function effect and plausibility of a dominant negative mechanism.
    Panza E, Escamilla-Honrubia JM, Marco-Marín C, Gougeard N, De Michele G, Brescia Morra V, Liguori R, Salviati L, Donati MA, Cusano R, Pippucci T, Ravazzolo R, Németh AH, Smithson S, Davies S, Hurst JA, Bordo D, Rubio V, Seri M
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  34. PepShell: visualization of conformational proteomics data.
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  36. Movement disorders: Friedreich ataxia today—preparing for the final battle.
    De Michele G, Filla A
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  37. On the preliminary design of hyperthermia treatments based on infusion and heating of magnetic nanofluids.
    Di Michele F, Pizzichelli G, Mazzolai B, Sinibaldi E
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    2015 Apr
  38. Correction: Fluorescent sensors reporting the activity of ammonium transceptors in live cells.
    De Michele R, Ast C, Loqué D, Ho CH, Andrade SL, Lanquar V, Grossmann G, Gehne S, Kumke MU, Frommer WB
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  43. Metabolic Ataxias in Adults.
    Antenora A, Filla A, Santorelli FM, Peluso S, Saccà F, De Michele G
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    2014 Oct 10
  44. [The nurse who is mentioned in the framework of the Cancer Plan will be an advanced practice nurse].
    Michele LS, Ouharzoune Y
    2014 Oct
  45. In vitro evaluation of ice-cold saline irrigation during catheter radiofrequency ablation.
    Squara F, Maeda S, Aldhoon B, Marginiere J, Santangeli P, Chik WW, Michele J, Zado E, Marchlinski FE
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    Cortesi M, Fantozzi S, Di Michele R, Zamparo P, Gatta G
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  48. Screening for dopa-responsive dystonia in patients with Scans Without Evidence of Dopaminergic Deficiency (SWEDD).
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  52. Hyperbilirubinemia in neonates of diabetic mothers: an indirect biomarker of organ damage?
    Mormile R, De Michele M, Squarcia U, Quaini F
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    Pellecchia MT, Santangelo G, Picillo M, Pivonello R, Longo K, Pivonello C, Vitale C, Amboni M, De Rosa A, Moccia M, Erro R, De Michele G, Santoro L, Colao A, Barone P
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    Hovey E, de Souza P, Marx G, Parente P, Rapke T, Hill A, Bonaventura A, Michele A, Craft P, Abdi E, Lloyd A,
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    2014 May
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    2014 May
  56. Long-term multiple intragastric balloon treatment--a new strategy to treat morbid obese patients refusing surgery: prospective 6-year follow-up study.
    Alfredo G, Roberta M, Massimiliano C, Michele L, Nicola B, Adriano R
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    2014 Mar-Apr
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    Di Michele DM, Gibb C, Lefkowitz JM, Ni Q, Gerber LM, Ganguly A
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  58. Mitochondrial biosensors.
    De Michele R, Carimi F, Frommer WB
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  63. Antioxidative capacity of Lactobacillus fermentum LF31 evaluated in vitro by oxygen radical absorbance capacity assay.
    Persichetti E, De Michele A, Codini M, Traina G
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  64. Basal progesterone level as the main determinant of progesterone elevation on the day of hCG triggering in controlled ovarian stimulation cycles.
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